Question: “How good is this flight school and why are the costs so low?” 

Answer: We had a personal experience of working with this professional school and as such decided to promote them in Germany. The Instructors have a friendly and professional manner and their training system is excellent. Promoting them was an easy decision to make.

Question: “The costs…”

We couldn’t believe that a school with these prices could be worthwhile, so as a test…  Before we started to promote Adriana Aviation,  one of our team actually went to Poland as a student and was trained by them. Everything was as promised and successful.

Because of Adriana Aviation prices, trainee and experienced pilots arrive from all over Europe to learn and increase their qualifications. It may be cheaper than elsewhere but it is definitely worth it.

Is Adriana good school? Yes
Why are the costs so low? Because they are!

Question: “What does the competition say?”

Answer:“Well we haven’t spoken to every Flying School, but we have visited several schools, clubs and charter companies. Everywhere we have been people were impressed. Adriana Aviation have maintained the high standard of training that is expected in aviation without the extortionate prices that many flying schools charge. Every Flying School is different and each has its own advantages, Adriana’s plus point is the continual camaraderie and companionship it offers to its members”.

Question:“What should I do to learn more about Adriana Aviation and my opportunities there?” 

Answer:“Just get in touch with us, via email or give us a call. A personal conversation is the first step into the cockpit”

If you have any questions, please call us on +49(0)2571/944760 oder