Prices  01.01.2022

 Type    Price
 LAPL(A)                                              5.960 Euro
 PPL(A)                                                8.000 Euro
 MEP(L)   2.700 Euro
 CPL(A)                                                 4.025 Euro
 CPL(A) + IR(ME) + MEP(L)          16.800 Euro
 NVFR   1.200 Euro
 IR(ME) PBN Elite   9.405 Euro
 Adv. UPRT   1.500 Euro
 MCC/JOC   1.900 Euro
 ATPL(A) Theorie   1.500 Euro
                  ECQB 2020 + 100KSA          850 Euro
 Elite                                           86 Euro

98 Euro

 Double room18 Euro
 Single room

36 Euro

 Rental car 
 Per Day24 Euro

These prices are approximate and are subject to change due to the individual experience of each student.

For non vocational training we add 23% of VAT. Of course, we invite you all to negotiate.

We are open to any proposal.

If have any questions, please contact us on +49(0)2571/944760 oder

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