Information about IR(A)ME

Flight Training

Holding the IR (A) ME certificate gives the possibility to fly multi-engine airplanes according to the IFR.                                      The authorization is valid for 12 months from the date it is entered into the license and, most importantly, it is necessary in a career as a professional pilot. 

Practical training: 
Module I
– 5 hours of Alsim / Elite simulator
– 5 hours of training Tecnam T2006T

After completing the basic IR module, you can start module II – procedural – as well as the abbreviated training for the CPL(A) license.
Module II
– 29 hours of Alsim simulator and 6 hours of Elite simulator or 35 hours of Elite simulator
– 10 hours of training Tecnam T2006T plane 

Theoretical training: We suggest you complete the ATPL(A) theoretical course

Benefits of holding IR(A)ME:

The benefit of this license is two fold. Firstly, it is a vital rating to attain if you want to have a career as a pilot. Secondly, it allows you to fly multi engine aircraft on the instruments alone. This is hugely beneficial and makes your life in the cockpit much easier.