MEP(L) / IR(A)ME / CPL (A)

Information about MEP(L) /  IR(A)ME / CPL (A)


The CPL(A) Commercial Pilot License entitles a pilot to undertake work and receive a salary for it.

Theoretical course.

The condition for commencing practical training for the professional license is passing the CAA theoretical examinations for the CPL(A) or ATPL(A) license. Currently, almost only theoretical ATPL(A) training is carried out, the scope of which includes training for the IR and CPL (A) licenses.

 Practical training

The hands-on training will be conducted along with a series of credentials that are also required to work as a commercial pilot. This means that the practical training depends on which package is chosen. We offer training:

MEP (L) + IR / ME + CPL (A).

This package includes 26 hours in Tecnam P2006, 10 hours in Tecnam P2002JF and 40 hours in FNPT II simulator.

Privileges of holding a CPL(A):

CPL(A) entitles you to fly single and multi-engine aircrafts thats MTOW (maximum take-off weight) does not exceed 5700kg, in commercial operations. With this license you can fly according to VFR (Visual Flight Rules) and begin your aviation career. 

Benefits of holding CPL(A):

Through holding a CPL(A) licence you are entitled to earn a salary for flying. Attaining your CPL(A) gives you the ability to have an amazing career as a pilot something that is a privilege only very few people attain



CPL(A) training

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